Guild of Berkshire Artists Member Application

We are excited about our new and ongoing fine artist members. All new applicants are subject to approval by the Guild of Berkshire Artists. Renewal due date March 31 of each calendar year.
Before you start your application, please find a few photos of your art to share and a small headshot(which will ONLY be used by other members in our secure system to figure out which Dave, Carolyn/Caroline/ MJ/ Sue/Susan/Suzanne you are.) To convert a HEIC to a Jpeg, open in preview on a Mac, select File, then Export, and click "Format' dropdown to select JPG.
See membership rates below
Renewals and New Memberships can be made as follows:

New members sign up and pay online using the form available when clicking the blue NEXT button at the bottom left of the page.
    Existing members renew by logging into your account and renewing.

New Members $52
New Member Artists 40 and under $26

Annual Membership $52 (Before March 31 of each calendar year)
Membership Renewals $62 (After March 31 of each calendar year)

Artists 40 and under $26 (Before March 31 of each calendar year)

Renewals Artists 40 and under $31 (After March 31 of each calendar year)

It is best to renew online to take full advantage of membership services but if necessary one can contact the Guild directly to apply for membership at

To get emails, notices and display your work and be included in directories, you need to log into your account directly. For help logging into your account directly, email

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